Yet another year has passed and much the same as last year – I a still enraged with the internet, the telephone services and my t.v. provider.  So much for New Year’s resolutions.

I have been here in Jerusalem for a month now, primarily accompanying my two artists from the UK – a potter and a sculptor.   I have been bringing artists over here for about 30 years and to date around 74 artists have visited this country.

We begin in Tel Hai where there is a symposium of ceramic art, then to Jerusalem  for the last two years  we have an event at the Israel Museum. A great venue and great audiences.  The on to Tel Aviv for a meeting with the Ceramic Artists Association and another presentation.

In the middle of all of this I managed to finish a new story  – Charles said it won’t win the Nobel prize for literature, but then I was never aiming in that direction.  All I want is to make my readers feel good.  This story is frothy and I hope amusing and will maybe give you a smile on an otherwise grey and wet January day!

I absolutely love the process of research and writing.  This is enough for me, but I am incredibly fortunate in that I get so much feedback from my readers from all over the world.  It is a gift I never expected, so thanks to all of you who write to me. Last year the stories were read in 68 countries  including some countries I would never have expected!    I am also continuing to give talks at various venues.   A recent one for a Sephardi synagogue in London resulted in my singing Ladino songs with my Spanish singing teacher.     Another career I wish now I had taken up years ago.

I hope 2018 brings you only good health and good things to enjoy.




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